Remember when we chatted with twirling, spinning, red-pants-wearing choreographer Helen Hale last week? Helen, along with Dashboard Co-Op, masterminded quite the extraordinary event two weeks ago on the Beltline, and unsurprisingly, it was riveting -- according to the culture scavengers at Burnaway. Below, Dylan York graciously shares a smattering of snapshots from the event, which involved a choreographed performance, a live band, croquet, and a feast, all at once.

Dashboard Co-op’s Anti-Manners, a dance-infused performance and feast on the BeltLine behind Piedmont Park last week, featured 30 or so participants singing, laughing, dancing, and throwing cornbread at one another. Aside from flying soul food, the event featured choreography from Dashboard’s own Helen Hale, as well as a band of roving minstrels carrying instruments ranging from the djembe to the accordion.

When the dirt settled, all the others headed slowly to the long picnic table full of metal trays. They tore the tops off the containers, and the feast began. Some of the food was eaten, but most of it was thrown among cast members. They told jokes, as the band sang, never missing a beat with the performers.

The night ended with slow, solemn songs timed so perfectly, I’d swear their singing was what lulled the sun to sleep.

Check out the rest of Dylan's commentary and photography over at Burnaway, and if you're fiending for more visuals of Ms. Hale's production, peruse their Flickr album.