Color linguists Pantone have named the official color of the year; the hue that taps into the zeitgeist, energizes the cultural psyche, and drives us as a society to succeed. Or something like that. Their hue of choice for 2012? Tangerine Tango. But really, that sounds a bit more like a dance that happens at a 1970's key party than anything relevant to us. So we went in search of the colors that will define Atlanta in 2012.


The chef behind Miso Izakaya has been playing hard-to-get with Atlanta's voracious ramen-lovers, offering it past 10 p.m. and even then, only sometimes. Our city's increasingly passionate love affair with Chef Wong and his broth just might color our world this year. Note: this rich golden hue also works well with bridesmaid dresses.


Bright, cheerful, and optimistic, with undertones of liberty and justice for all, the golden hue of Sunday beer was a long-awaited tint on Atlanta's great canvas. More radiant than the deep amber of regular weeknight beer, Sunday Freedom Sun Gold adds a pop of decadence to any color palette.


The earthen hues of Chef Hugh Acheson's forehead-possum are tawny, rich, and a little bit risque. Chef Acheson's success skyrocketed in 2011, and we can only assume that the sturdy cranial caterpillar itself is next on the ladder to fame and fortune.


Atlanta had its fill of baby animals in 2011--seriously, there must be something in the water over at the Zoo. Late last year, the Georgia Aquarium announced that a seventeen-year-old beluga whale named Maris had gone and gotten knocked up. We'll be watching with bated breath to see when the stork decides to bring baby Beluga to Atlanta, and in the meantime, we'll be accenting our living rooms with this calming, meditative shade.


Dance is no longer something you do in your apartment alone when Robbie Williams' "Rock DJ" comes on. It's a full-fledged scene here in Atlanta, and one that's sure to grow even more by, er, leaps and bounds in 2012. With groups like gloATL, Dance Truck, and Zoetic frolicking around the city's arts scene, we're planning on seeing lots more Tiny Dancer in our future.


All jokes aside, organizations like Living Walls and Streetela (and the individual street artists they support) are going to color 2012 and beyond in Atlanta. Which is fine by us, because this melange color palette is going to look so much better in my bedroom than the "Concrete and Brick" I was working from last year.