Self-described as "space-obsessed derelicts," the vixenly ladies of Blast-Off Burlesque occupies a magnificently specific niche in the burlesque world: sexy + sci-fi with a little dose of punk rock. Always irreverent and ever delightful in their performances, the troupe will be at the Plaza this very weekend for the January installment of Taboo-La-La, featuring none other than the adult film industry exploring classic Boogie Nights. Below, the ladies spill on where one acquires the necessary supplies for a burlesque show, and give us five really, really good reasons why you should see them shake their stuff this weekend. Hint: one involves Cousin Dan in a codpiece.

SCOUT: So the whole "scifi meets punk meets dancing" thing seems pretty specific. How exactly did that idea come to be?
BARBALICIOUS: Blast-Off! is a bunch of space obsessed derelicts. We come from different backgrounds, but we've all spent some time in the trenches of the underground. To keep us out of trouble, we decided to join forces, and entertain people, mainly ourselves. But, yes we all love to dance, and we all adore bubble helmets and tight silver spandex.

SCOUT: Tell us where in ATL you find all your necessary burlesque supplies: the corsets, the make-up, the costumes, the post-show cocktails?
BARBALICIOUS: Costumes can be bought, we love Junkman's Daughter and Libertine in Little 5 Points! We also spend a lot of time at the Value Village, yard sales, and even dumpsters. Our costume concepts can be pretty out there, so many times we just have to cobble them together them from scratch. Foam core is awesome to make volcanos or cars, coffee filters make handy Elizabethan collars. (We love a post show cocktail at the Euclid Ave Yacht Club, or picking up a Growler to go at the Beer Growler in Avondale, which helps power some of our brainstorming.)

SCOUT: Tell us a little about what to expect for this coming Taboo-La-La.
BARBALICIOUS: Taboo-La-La this month will feature 1997's look at the golden age of porn, Boogie Nights. You not only get the movie on the big screen, you also get entertainment! The night will feature an epic salute to the movie by Blast-Off and our special guest, electronic superstar Cousin Dan. In the lobby, our pre-show DJ Westwood A-Go-Go will be spinning classic disco. There will be photo ops, and FREE Penis Coladas and cock-tail weenies. There will be a come as your 70's - 80's Porn Star Persona contest, and the winners will get some super swag prizes from Libertine!

SCOUT: What do you recommend for finding one's Porn Persona Superstar?
BARBALICIOUS: We recommend digging deep, really deep closing your eyes, and imagining fantasy you. What are you good at? What are you known for? Special skills? What's your angle? You know you have them. Pick a powerful name, that represents you. Strong names for dudes like Brick, Jack or Rock are always nice. There's also quite a few porn name generators on the internet if you need some help. This is your chance to shine, lets see what you do with your 15 minutes! Action!

SCOUT: Give us 5 good reasons why we should come to the Plaza this Saturday.
1. Live Roller Girls in hot shorts.
2. Cousin Dan and his Disco Ball Keyboard Codpiece
3. Chance for you to dress like a freak in public and maybe even win a prize for it.
4. Mark Wahlberg is a great, big, shining star.
5. Helping to keep the doors of the Historic Plaza Theatre (Atlanta's only truly independently owned theatre) open for business... all while having a blast.