If anyone can prove that you can get a lot accomplished in one year, it's the hardworking folks behind The Creatives Project. A year ago this week, the nonprofit arts organization launched their Kickstarter campaign asking Atlanta for help with their plans to support local creatives and provide the community with arts-based education initiatives. "In 2011, I really wanted to take TCP to the next level and figure out a way to bring the arts, education, community, and commerce together under one umbrella," says Neda Abghari, executive director. "And basically this month a year ago was when I said to Atlanta, 'Hey, we want to start all of this programming, but we're going to need your help'."

And help came, in the form of a fully funded Kickstarter campaign and community support. Since then, TCP has accomplished their goals and then some, providing six artists with free studio spaces, establishing youth mentorship programs, curating two exhibitions, providing Atlanta youth with donated art supplies from a citywide drive, and receiving their 501(c)3 status. Not too shabby for a year in the game.

As for 2012? Well, let's just say that last year was just a warm-up. TCP's goals for this year include awarding subsidized housing to artists in residency and creating support workshops for local artists, to name a few. (And yes, they'll need help with these initiatives from volunteers.)

Happy first birthday, TCP. We'll chalk you up to one of those things that only gets better with age.

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