Ever since the first few litters of kittens started appearing mounted on telephone poles, perched on park benches, and tucked beneath potted plants all around the city, Atlanta's gone nuts for one sneaky street artist, codename Catlanta. The artist, still at large, has been keeping us entertained with his games of, er, cat and mouse for the better part of a year, maintaining anonymity while scurrying around the city with his colorful kittens. Room Eleven Media's portrait of Catlanta, just posted yesterday, reinforces all that we love about those quirky wooden kittens (and the artist himself). "His work is so Atlanta--it's accessible, it's simple, it's playful, it's fun," says Whitney Reed of Room Eleven. "We are really interested in stories that make us feel human, that make us feel connected. Catlanta's art is about bringing people together."

"We're also big fans of people who make their own way, who aren't afraid to follow their hearts and go for the life they want simply because they want it," says Whitney. "Catlanta said it best when he said that Atlanta is 'a city where it doesn't feel impossible to do what you want to do.'"

Watch, enjoy, and bask in all that street art mystique.

catlanta from Room Eleven Media on Vimeo.