As a culture, we have almost accomplished a rather amazing feat: covering, wrapping, infusing, or topping every food item in the American diet with bacon. The candy of meats has made its way into our vodka, our chocolate, even our turduckens. And now, thanks to the folks behind AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery, it's in our yogurt.

Just this week, AtlantaFresh rolled out their two new flavors, which joined the ranks of varieties like Peach & Ginger, Black Cherry Port Wine, and the jalapeno-infused Tropical Sweet Heat. (Clearly, this ain't the first time AtlantaFresh has churned up some nifty flavor profiles.) One of them is Karma Java, a French Roast coffee-flavored version. The other? Maple Bacon. As in, the glorious thing that happens when your maple syrup from your pancakes slowly and serendipitously makes its way to the bacon on the other side of your plate. Needless to say, we had to try it.

The verdict? We're not telling. You'll have to venture to a store and try it for yourself. Tried it already? Hit up our Facebook page and tell us what you think.