It started with a good taste for cold beer. Which grew into a curiosity on how to make good beer on the cheap. Kathe and Kimmie of The Beer Brew Girls started with a homebrewing kit and enough patience to keep experimenting, and now have quite the following of female brewers around town. They founded Beer Brew Girls as a way to share their knowledge with other wannabe female brewers and to (duh) enjoy the tasty results of all their labor. We've spotted them around town at such beer festivals and wanted to learn more about their passion for our favorite frosty beverage.

SCOUT: How would you best describe your work to anyone who has never heard of you ladies?
K&K: Simple brew girls in Georgia who make beer.

SCOUT: What made you pursue the world of beer?
K&K: The world of beer is larger than either of us realized at the beginning of our discoveries. Once we started tapping into this hugely insane, saturated market of beer, we were thrilled to discover there was more to beer than just Bud or Miller Lite! But $16 for a 4-pack of Belgian beer was becoming an expensive habit. One day Kathe just said, “I think I could make beer. And we could make it cheaper." That was August of 2009. Our first brew was an Imperial Blonde Ale from an extract kit, which is the same idea as like a Hamburger Helper kit: everything you need comes prepackaged in a box and you simply follow the directions. Since then, we now make our beer all-grain style (which is the same idea of making a dish from scratch).

SCOUT: So where in Atlanta do you go to get new beer ideas? Or where do you go to unwind with... um... beer?
K&K: Brick Store Pub, Leon’s and Twain's in Decatur. Brick Store Pub would be our top choice since there is the “Belgian Bar. Upstairs and to the left."

SCOUT: Your favorite “curious find” in Atlanta?
K&K: Because we love to be inspired by beer, we have more than one favorite for different reasons! HopCity is a beer-heaven “curious find” on the Westside with one of the best-organized selections of beer. Venture down the aisles and the beer is sorted by the type of beer (Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Porter, Stout, Belgian White, etc.) allowing for easy discovery of new beers you may not have tried before, but within the styles of beer you know you like. Toco Giant Package Store is pretty, um, giant with an ever-evolving selection of beers. This is a great place to watch out for small batches of limited-release rare finds that don't get distributed to just any package store. S & N Package is a “curious find” in Decatur. From the looks of the outside, first assumption may be that all they have is Bud and Miller Lite. But the owner here is not only a beer lover himself, he’s an excellent salesperson! You will not walk out empty-handed!

SCOUT: So is there a big local movement of beer-brewing girls?
K&K: We sadly regret that we do not know of many other women brewers. If you are out there and read this, then hit us up! We’d love to meet you.

SCOUT: So how can beginner-brewers (guys or gals) learn the secrets of home-brewing? Where does one start?
K&K: For homebrew tips and tricks, American Homebrewers Association Forum, and Northern Brewer Forum.

SCOUT: Your best brew to date?
K&K: In our opinion, our Black Bean Stout. It's a sweet stout, base brewed with chocolate and coffee. Our fans love “Monster Dog” which is an American pale ale dry hopped and made as a tribute to “The Lives of the Monster Dog” band that played at our first “Tastings and Networking” party back in April.

SCOUT: What about your favorite beer/food pairing?
K&K: La Tur cheese from Italy, smeared with a little organic Adriatic fig spread onto a 34 Sesame crispbread cracker paired with a Saison Dupont, a Farmhouse Ale at 6.5%. All of which can be found at Whole Foods.

SCOUT: Wow. And while I'm drooling, why don't you give us one final plug on where we can find you ladies and follow what happens with the future of the Beer Brew Girls?
K&K What started as a personal hobby to save us a buck or two has become part of what seems to be the movement in the brewing industry: the need and want for more female brewers. We're glad to be a part of that. You can find all of our information and upcoming events on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

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