Could it be true? It looks like Atlanta's own royalty of frozen joy on a stick might be coming out from underneath those rainbow umbrellas and hitting the road. Chocolate sea salt and Arnold Palmers at the corner are great. Chocolate sea salt and Arnold Palmers joyriding through town, ready to ambush you and your sugar cravings behind any possible street corner? Yes, we can get on board with that, too. Besides, Atlanta could always use more ice cream trucks. (And no, I'm not talking about those of the creepy variety that slink around Boulevard playing a weirdly ominous, off-key jingle on an eternal loop.)

Given that the King of Pops was at the forefront of Atlanta's street food wave, upgrading from cart to truck seems like a logical step for the Carse brothers. And if it means that their pops will be waiting for us at The Corner and puttering around out there on the streets, better yet. Atlanta could always use a higher popsicle:city block ratio. Carses, we have plentiful truck parking at Scoutmob HQ. And my favorite pop is Thai iced tea. Just sayin'.

Our only remaining question: ATL, are there any other awesome vendors you'd like to see go mobile? Me, I wouldn't mind catching sight of a Lee's Bakery Bahn Mi Mobile. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but a Scout can dream. Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter page.