It isn't just a day about what limited edition vinyl is being released by which indie musician. It isn't even just about music. Record Store Day is about celebrating that place where you can go and talk nerd-shop about the Flaming Lips, skim through someone's uncle's musty old Creedence collection, and maybe even scoop up some comic books while you're there, all while hanging out with fellow audiophiles and Fogerty fans in your neighborhood. Can't do that in the iTunes store, can you? The neighborhood record store deserves to be revered, and that's what Record Store Day is all about: supporting and giving props to the local record shops in cities across America, and maybe picking up some neat things to listen to while you're at it. Celebrated internationally, Record Store Day's co-founders include Atlanta's own Eric Levin, owner of Criminal Records in Little Five Points. "It highlights the importance of the record store as social gathering place; a meeting ground for the exchange of art and ideas," says Eric. "Most importantly," he adds, "Record Store Day highlights independent businesses and is a great reminder to shop local." Hey, we love doing that.

So, which record store should you hit up this Saturday? Short answer: all of them. Mainstays like Wax N Facts, Decatur CD, and of course Criminal Records will all be throwing down in celebration of the holiday. Hit up Little Five Points and double down on RSD goodness at two shops: Wax N Facts will have an afternoon of in-store performances (including ATL's own Atlas Sound, and rumors of the Grateful Dead's Micky Hart), while just around the corner, Criminal will host Patterson Hood and a handful of Drive-By Truckers. After soaking all that in, mosey down DeKalb Avenue toward Decatur CD, who will be pouring out some Sierra Nevada and making it rain with RSD releases.

My only remaining question: does this mean I can finally get my hands on a Chumbawamba cassingle?