If you're a). a fan of sites like Daytrotter and Tiny Desk Concerts, b). in possession of a good pair of headphones or speakers, and c). in search of excellent indie music from right here in the A, you would probably enjoy the good work of indieATL. Much like the aforementioned popular music sessions sites, indieATL produces live music videos with independent musicians in Atlanta, right on the campus of Georgia State. In the past few years, the likes of Noot d'Noot, Adron, the Black Lips, Dead Confederate, Jeffrey Butzer, the Back Pockets, and many more have graced the pages of indieATL.com, all for free and all for your listening pleasure. And this weekend, they'll be breaking out the party hats for their fifth birthday celebration.

Indeed, indieATL has spent five solid years promoting local acts purely out of the goodness of their hearts (and a love for Atlanta's music and arts scene). Celebrations will occur this Saturday at Star Bar, where five indie acts (including our beloved, be-codpieced Cousin Dan) will grace the stage. Happy 5th birthday, indieATL—you might not be able to tie your shoes yet, but your motor skills are really accelerating and you're only halfway to becoming a fine young tween.