The summer solstice might be another few weeks off, but let's not split hairs: summer has, for the most part, kicked off here in ol' A-town. Pools and popsicles aside, we have a few things in mind for this summer (besides becoming fused to hot leather car seats). We suggest maximizing the oncoming summer months with a rough plan of attack; a list of things to keep in mind when the days are long and the sun is threatening to trap you in your dark little dwelling until September. We've got a couple ideas for keeping things interesting this summer... what are yours?

Cheer on the Dirty South Derby Girls at the Yaarab Shrine Center.
Join Concrete Jungle on a pick.
Locate the best horchata on Buford Highway.
Try some 'cue from one of those giant gas station parking lot smokers.
Spend a Braves game on the roof at Boners BBQ.
Actually get up early enough for the farmer's market... every Saturday. (Or at least most of them.)
See if Kraig at Hop City can show us how to make our own beer.
Supplement bathing suit diet with a Ghetto Burger.
Skip out of work one Friday and hunt for art with the Free Art Friday crew.
Take a tour of the High Road factory.
Attempt to catch a fish in the Piedmont Park lake. (Do not eat said fish.)
Revel in the Stone Mountain laser show.
Wait over an hour for a table at Fox Brothers on a Sunday afternoon. (Know that it's totally worth it.)
Hit up a live in-store at Criminal Records.
Borrow a child and experience the world of LegoLand.
Try each and every tropical beverage at Trader Vic's.
Find a perfect old-school swimming hole.
Belt out a tune at Sister Louisa's Church Organ Karaoke.
Spend a day walking the Beltline. Better yet, volunteer to spend a day cleaning up the Beltline.