If you're a person with an Atlanta address and the slightest hint of subconscious pop culture knowledge, you're probably well aware of the influx of big-screen productions happening in our little town, thanks in part to tax breaks but mostly to the fact that West Coasters just love them some Chik-fil-A. But now, it's official: we're a real, live movie town... with real, live movie tours.

Atlanta Movie Tours is leading the way for people who want to run from zombies in Downtown a la The Walking Dead, or act like a zombie uptown a la Real Housewives. For the past few months, the tour company has guided starry-eyed fans of the undead through the landmarks of The Walking Dead, Zombieland, The Vampire Diaries, and Teen Wolf, but this summer, they'll be adding a couple new tours to their roster (I wasn't kidding about that Real Housewives thing). Soon, you'll be able to soak up some of the now-famous McMansions featured on the big screen, go all out with the "Big Southern Hollywood" package, or explore the more hidden filming locations of Downtown. Indeed, we're only one Sex and the City episode away from becoming a silverscreen Mecca. (Just don't get attacked by an actual zombie in Castleberry Hill... we still have a few walkers down there.)

Via Midtown Patch