You may have seen them on the farmer's market circuit, shilling their tasty glazed concoctions behind card tables to devout fans. Revolution Doughnut's good old-fashioned, from-scratch, classic American doughnuts are pure and simple, with honest ingredients (organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit) and absolutely none of the funky oils, preservatives, and elixirs that sneak into doughnuts from chains. The bakers even come up with gluten-free and vegan versions, because seriously, no one should be excluded from basking in the glory of the doughnut. Revolution has accrued quite a devout following of doughnut-lovers—so much so that they were able to drum up over $12,000 from their supporters in a recent Kickstarter campaign to open a brick-and-mortar store.

That dream came to life yesterday, when Revolution unlocked the front door of 908 West College at 8 a.m. and, within about three minutes, had a line nearly out the door. A dozen Decaturites filed in for an early morning treat — maybe blueberry, or caramel bacon — and a cup of Cafe Campesino coffee. The three or so folks running the show handled it like pros, refilling the doughnut case at a pretty impressive speed and taking dollar bills left and right for their $2-$3 pastries. The sugary wares included a classic vanilla bean, a rich-looking bacon and caramel, and the one I chowed down on, a purple, glazed blueberry, sweet and a little tart and quite perfect with my hot cuppa joe.

Back when I met the gals behind Revolution at the Atlanta Nosh, they joked that their arrival to their new location — right next to Ale Yeah! and Avellino's Pizza — has earned the strip of shops the title of "Homer Simpson Plaza." Y'know... beer, pizza, doughnuts. Sounds like a good kind of holy trinity to us.

Follow the scent of Revolution's insanely delicious wares, or keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and be sure to tell us how that bacon-caramel tastes... our curiosity is piqued.