Our resident spiritual zoologist has carefully calibrated a Spirit Animal Diptych Series based off local Atlanta celebrities. Equal parts physical attributes and personality traits—behold the noteworthy spirits in our concrete jungle:

Kwanza Hall - SEALION
The progressive city councilman is an agile, sleek and energetic creature with an eagerness that's irresistibly compelling. With his nose to the sky, Kwanza is always ready to perform.

Angel Poventud - CHIMPANZEE
Angel is one of the most multi-dimensional, free, playful, highly-intelligent creatures in our fair city. From guiding tours on the Beltline, to roller skating around town in a green dress - Angel mixes play with work to make Atlanta a better place. He is currently working to fund a home on the West End to be a community gathering space.

Ruby Velle - ELEPHANT
Aristotle once said the elephant was "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind." This exotic singer/songwriter might have the largest (and most soulful) voice in all of the land. A microphone is her trunk and when she roars, we listen in awe.

Neda Honarvar- COBRA
Neda of Tough Love Yoga has the fiery yet gentle spirit to rear up and fight in a time of danger. She also has the ability to raise the front quarters of her body off the ground and flatten her neck in a threatening gesture. She is crazy talented and quite the [snake] charmer.

Far from a one-trick pony, this blonde bombshell is a fixture of the city. Beer can crushing, poetry reading, and pure sexiness - Blondie is something to show off. Just like her spirit animal.

Lauri Stallings - PRAYING MANTIS
A praying mantis represents courage and fearlessness. Lauri fearlessly moves and brings the city together with her choreography with gloATL. She is lanky, articulate, and rare.

Ashley Anderson - BEAR
Ashley is an artist who specializes in 8-bit illustrations and just so happens to have a snuggle factor off the charts. I mean, just look at this guy, his spirit animal is a total no brainer. He is as sweet and cuddly as he looks.

Klimchak - BILLY GOAT
Goats are extremely curious and intelligent creatures, just like the performer and composer known as Klimchak. The multi-instrumentalist is known for his compositions and performances for dance, theater and live solo performances. And you can see the association of the pan flute.

Louis Corrigan - GROUNDHOG
Louis is a vital and active entity of the Atlanta art scene, helping us come out of our holes and dance with our shadows. Like a groundhog, he is brave and supportive to all beings. He started Flux Projects, Possible Futures and supports ArtsCriticATL.com and Burnaway.org and Atlanta Art Now.

Nirvana Kelly - POLISH HEN
Like a polish hen, Nirvana is a tamed show bird as a classically trained violinist in one of our favorite local bands - Little Tybee. Her aura is soothing and her skills as one of the few lady stringers certainly makes her one of the rarer characters in the city.

Stuart Horodner - SNAPPING TURTLE
As the curator of The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, one of the southeast’s leading contemporary art centers, it takes a a fierce disposition to run the place. Stuart has what it takes, but don't worry, he doesn't bite... hard.

Monica Campana - CHIHUAHUA
Fierce and loyal to Atlanta - the small and spunky head honcho of Living Walls, The City Speaks has a small demeanor but the bite to beautify this city no matter what it takes.

Nikita Gale - PUG
Everyone likes pugs and, no coincidence, everyone likes Nikita Gale. The charming artist is intelligent and has the ability to make an entire room swoon.

Jason Travis - MEERKAT
Social and altrustic - the artist, designer, photographer, musician affectionately known as J. Trav has done everything short of having a show about his pack in a manor. And like a meerkat - he is colorblind. As one of Atlanta's most sought-out photographers, you'd never know it.

co-written by Scoutmob's own jellyfish and wolf.