Intrepid scout Mychal has so, so much love in his heart for Cypress Street Pint & Plate's Sublime burger: a juicy cheesy burger smack-dab between two doughnuts from Sublime itself. To express this undying adoration, Mychal has penned a poetic ode, in the key of Allen Ginsberg and the rest of his Beat generation ilk. It's kind of moving, kind of weird. Enjoy.

Ode To The Sublime Burger

by Mychal Stanley


They knew something before you did

can you hear them?

They took what was beautiful and made it perfect.

I know

my first cheeseburger as well as my last,

each different, each delicious in their own way.

But this

this is where my mind was opened

and the rickety cobwebs of the universe were blown away

as the crackling light of thunder boomed across the water

in a voice that shouted loud and hummed low.


my heart quickens into the steady lope of a gazelle

as my pupils widen into black holes of expectation.

This is the truth of a thousand artists spinning yarn into the void,

these are the scissors that snip the veil of reality to reveal something

true and right and pure.
This is

a cheeseburger between two glazed Sublime donuts,

the knock on the door that must be answered

the guest that must be given hospitality

the chorus and the verse, the call that must be returned.

Though I

am not worthy, do not deserve the flash of light that

signifies all being coming into existence,

Though I

do not require the taste of heaven on my tongue,

it is there for me. For all of us. And so is Immortality.