Are you the proud owner of some fierce facial foliage? Perhaps you sport a well-groomed pencil varietal, or maybe you're more a fan of the unkempt style sported by certain nihilists. Whether your follicles pay homage to Dali, Burnside, Hogan, or another 'stache superstar, you should whip out the Dapper Dan and get to twirlin'. The folks behind the Riverview Landing Fall Festival are inviting Atlanta's mightiest hirsute heroes to style, comb, twirl, and photograph their stupendous staches and beards in pursuit of ultimate glory. (In this case, "ultimate glory" being defined as "a $300 bar tab at Ormsby's," which we think sounds pretty accurate.) Contestants can be crowned "Most Unruly," "Most Epic," and "Most Gravity-Defying," the latter of which we feel should be handed on a silver platter to one of our own Scoutmob compatriots (but we'll let y'all take this one).

So, are your whiskers up to the task? If so, Instagram your 'stache, including #UrbanHoedown and the hashtag that best describes your face-fur (#MostUnruly, #MostGravityDefying, #MostEpic). If you're Instagramless, you can also post a picture of yourself on the event's Facebook page. And may the woolliest win.