Tonight, Rick Grimes & Co. are back in action on AMC, kicking off the rest of season 3. And if you, like the vast majority of Atlantans, diligently followed our hometown heroes through their trials and tribulations in the creeped out prison and in even creepier Woodbury, you're probably a tiny bit intrigued to see what's next for the last remaining vestiges of civilization. Or maybe you just get a kick out of IDing which Atlanta location is being infested/exploded/unwisely used as a hideout onscreen. Indeed, we've been bitten by a post-apocalyptic fever that only a paid subscription to cable television can satisfy... unless you know where the safehouses are. Below, a few locales where you can satiate your hunger for brains and your thirst for beer, all in one fell swoop.

Diesel Filling Station. It's the unofficial zombie headquarters of Atlanta, bringing in both the living and the dead with their recurring Walking Dead viewing parties since the show started. Not only do you get to bask in the bloody gore of the walkers; you can do so with a bucket of beer and some excellent burgers, in case you start getting a hankerin' for meat. Costumes encouraged, as are your canned goods to benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Bottle Rocket. If you're going to watch the Walking Dead in any neighborhood, it'd have to be Castleberry Hill — between the rooftop scene, Rick's first (hoof)steps into Downtown, and the box truck escapades, it gets a good bit of face time on the show. Bottle Rocket will be open as usual, but if you're a true superfan, consider ponying up the cash for a pre-show zombie tour, which comes with much-coveted reserved seating at the tiny little restaurant.

The Albert. What could be better than a enjoying cold pitcher and a basket of the Albert's smoked wings? Why, enjoying a cold pitcher and the Albert's smoked wings while watching walkers get splattered across the television screen, of course.