by Chelsie Rohlen

It’s a nostalgic place. Before I ever moved to Atlanta, I was introduced to the underground strip mall ("wait, what the hell is this thing?") and completely enjoyed it. I was ten. Visiting again over a decade later, it’s barely changed. Regardless, rich in history, reputation, and holding a slew of souvenirs for Atlanta visitors, Underground is guaranteed to give you a run for your money in the entertainment department. I give you...the 9 Best Worst Items in Underground Atlanta.

For me, the utmost classic Atlanta souvenir is right here. On the aforementioned first trip to Atlanta, I remember buying one of these with my allowance (lime green, y’all), watching it get engraved, snapping it on, and never forgetting my name again.

I bought this for Michelle Tanner for her 5th birthday party. She politely declined.

You thought cooking and smoking at the same time went out of style years ago? Haaaaa. Perfect for those who have let Mad Men infiltrate their real life and have subsequently lost friends and family over your newly found four pack a day habit.

Because it’s important to learn something new every day...even if these are the only historical facts you’ve only managed to remember, ever. Thank you, Georgia History class.

Atlantans can be a frugal folk. I could actually use this.

Not only does Dora provide kids with an extreme distraction to the point of worrying trance, but she also teaches them Spanish. Another language! Bilingual kids everywhere! This is the least that could be done to honor her.

Atlanta nights can get a little hazy. Forget which of the many roads to take to get home? No worries. Your accessories have got you covered.

The Atlanta shot glass serves two purposes. It’s an indispensable item to promptly help you forget your Underground adventure, or a prerequisite for enjoying it. The coffee cup is safe because...well, I would have bought it if I didn’t get kicked out for taking pictures by a woman talking on her cell.

I’m not hatin’, Underground. You’re amazing just the way you are.