It’s that time of year. Loved ones come to visit from far and wide expecting the full Atlanta experience—choppin’ that house outside Turner Field and gently caressing the backs of horseshoe crabs at the aquarium. They can practically feel the wind in their hair and the fanny-pack across their hips as they glide past the CNN Center aboard their Segways, allowing those majestic chariots to carry them to the World of Coke where they might pose for pictures by friendly polar bears and giant decorative bottles. Delightful as all these places are, you envision yourself… trying to avoid these tourist traps.

Here are five Atlanta tours that will satisfy your guests’ wayfaring wishes while leaving your waist free of fanny-packs (unless you just roll that way) and your hands free of horse-shoe crab residue (ditto)!

Bicycle Tours of Atlanta – Get out and get moving on a bike tour! Don’t forget to bring a sweater though… it’s borderline wintry out there. With three main routes to choose from and each tour covering about 10 miles, there’s sure to be something both you and your guests have a hankering to see. Plus, the Atlanta Street Art Tour beats the heck out of looking at murals through your dirty windshield, don’t you think?

Atlanta Culinary Tours – Time to explore some of Atlanta’s best and most unique noshing neighborhoods like Downtown Decatur, Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward and Roswell. You’ll get a good meal and discover hidden gastronomic gems while knowledgeable guides school you on some tasty local history between eats.

Atlanta Movie Tours – This one is for the zombie-lovers. You know who we’re talking about. Now they can follow in footsteps of their favorite Walking Dead characters. Bonus: all the Big Zombie Tour guides are actors with special insight into TWD. Let’s just say these guys don’t rep a perfect rating for nothing.

Oakland Cemetery Tours – Take your guests on a self-guided or guide-guided tour through Oakland Cemetery. The choice is yours, my friend. Either way, you can take in the gardens’ beauty as you come across some grand sculptures and maybe some famous specters. You can even go on a scavenger hunt and have yourself your own otherworldly adventure.

Local Brewery Tours – Last but not least, we present to you the brewery tours. Red Brick, Red Hare and Sweetwater are the standbys here. Most tours are free, just remember that no tour is complete without a stint in the tasting room and you’re gonna need to buy the glass for that.