It's that time again, ladies and gentleman. List time. We're making 'em, twice-checkin' 'em—you know the drill. And we've found that we need a little more guidance than, "For the foodie in your life." Who doesn't love food, anyway? Here's our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, sure to strike cheer into the hearts of the most difficult of gift recipients:

You got roped into the office Secret Santa, and all you know about this guy is that his Lean Cuisines explode in the microwave...
Okay, you knew this wouldn't be easy. It's called "Secret Santa," after all—those are two of the most difficult hats to wear. But with some simple detective work, your co-workers will be wondering what you'd look like with a jolly white beard. First, watch him buy something—did he pay for it? Perfect—Motor Street Leathers has got you covered. Does he have a smart phone? makes touch screen gloves perfect for the chilliest of days. High five, Santa.

Your old college buddy who genuinely means it when she says, "We should really keep in touch."
We're big fans of laptops warming our bellies and fingers a-flutterin' along keyboards, but sometimes, when the feeling's right, a handwritten note is the perfect way to say, "hey, I'm thinking about ya" or, "so sorry, but I crashed into your parked car." Try to stick to the former with hand-stamped stationery by Native Bear, perfectly paired with a shiny new packet of pencils by One Up Designs. Pro-tip: pre-stamp those envelopes.

Your sister's kids. You may only see those squirrelly munchkins once a year, but you should still bring a present.
Not much is cooler than a T-rex. And if he's an astronaut, as well as a member of a space animals league that's just waiting to be colored? No contest. Luckily, Jordandene provides all these astroanimal needs, as well as a snazzy crayon belt, if you're so inclined. For a more hands-on child, encourage active imaginations with Kwerks, which make exceptional building tools. Is it a house? A sea monster? Just remember, even the coolest of aunts or uncles won't beat out a dinosaur.

Your impossible pal. Just because she's ridiculously fashion-savvy, doesn't mean she has everything.
If there's a better way to make an impression than statement accessories, it's probably not legal. Get your fashionista an exquisite accessory fashioned by the scarfologists at Stolen Sunday, using ingredients that are 100% 'Murican made. If she's not a scarf gal (not everyone is), she'll certainly appreciate the hand cut, filed, sanded and painted wares by The Knotty Owl. Either way, her neck (and present) is covered.

They just picked up and moved across the country. Get 'em somethin' fancy to spruce up the new place.
Whether they're moving to or from the great ATL, a laser-engraved, aromatic cedar map by Neighborwoods is just the thing. And help them avoid that horrid new-apartment echo with some sound-absorbing house bling. We're talking a camel and flamingo fused pillow, crafted especially for their sofa by Broderpress. Hybrids have never been more cuddly.

For your friend that loves to cook but, to put it politely, doesn't quite have the knack for it.
We're not saying cooking's easy—heck, it can be hard to get those proportions right. And while your friend's enthusiasm's in the right place, judging from the Potluck Debacle of '09, a little help couldn't hurt. Enter a salted caramel sauce by Cacao Sweets & Treats, and three-pack of Q'Bella spice combos to save the day. These un-caped crusaders are expertly designed to give a sneaky assist—without breaking their spirit, or your stomach.

And for your friend Tom.
A print from Creative Scratching, featuring the hippest of raccoons, and a killer industrial lamp by Southern Lights Electric. Checkity check.

NOTE: For best results, order by this Friday, December 7th to ensure arrival before Christmas.