The scuzzy cesspool of the Internet, the ideal place to offload your demon gypsy couch. Ah, Craigslist.

From mysteriously stained bachelor couches to true love, the goods you can dig up on Craigslist are a special breed. And now that it's time to deck the halls, there's nowhere else we'd rather be acquiring our decorative Pot Head Santas than the online marketplace itself. Who needs to waste time tediously crafting handmade wreaths when you have a giant Christmas hot air balloon for your yard? Suck it, Martha Stewart.

Gourd Santa, $20
Also known as the Christmas version of Potato Jesus. Excellent table centerpiece when paired with delicately scattered leaves and a cherry tomato elf or two. Because we all love decorative gourds.

Personalized Letter from Santa, $3 And/Or Priceless
For when a little creativity and a little help from Clippy just isn't enough for your wee one.

Pot Head Santa Clauses (Not That Kind Of Pot Head, Seriously, Grow Up You Guys), $15
The terracotta kind, not the kind who pulls the sleigh over for a 2 a.m. Dorito Loco Taco stop. Though, to be honest, this one's eyes do look a little glazed over. Be sure to leave a few extra cookies out for that guy.

Christmas Hot Air Balloon, $250
Note the terror in Santa's eyes as he dangles perilously from a reindeer-inhabited hot air balloon basket. Note the desperation on Prancer's face as he realizes that his delicate cloven hooves can do nothing to save his master.

Christmas Bear, $275
Four feet tall, carved with a chainsaw and frozen in a perpetual state of shock, if his face is any indicator. Doesn't really have much to do with Christmas or any other December holiday, but hey, combined with the above Hot Air Balloon Spectacle, he'd make a nice terrified onlooker in a grisly front yard Christmas Terror Tableau.