Dietary restrictions? Ain't no reason to shy away from a swell night out on the town. And for the gluten-sensitive among us, dining out at the wrong place can mean dealing with droves of uneducated waitstaff, and ordering salad upon salad. Which is fine, if you like lettuce. A lot. Luckily, us ATLiens are pretty spoiled when it comes to gluten-free (or friendly) options for lunches, dinners and (just) desserts. (Plus beer!) So whether you've got a big evening planned, or you're just grabbing some grub with the buds—here are some of our GF BFFs:

The Iberian Pig
Whether you're in the mood for tasty tapas or exquisite entrees, this hub of modern Spanish cuisine is not only well-versed on the needs of the gluten-less. These folks put together an entire menu just for you. ¡Olé!

Good Grub Subs
The g-free subs here include local bread piled high with Boar's Head meats and prepped with super-special dedicated equipment. And hey, why not get half off while you're at it?

Good Karma Coffee
Here they use a dash of culinary artistry, along with the best gluten-free flours, to whip up some of the most delectable waffles, biscuits and chai tea muffins around. And there are lots of vegan options, too. (Psst. Snag a deal while you're there.)

5 Seasons Brewing
Two things here, folks. And they're both at cringe-less prices. First: gluten-free beer (a hoppy pale-ale for you brew-o-philes). Second: Gluten-free Mondays, wherein there are a plethora of options, including their signature gluten-free 'za.

2B Whole European Gluten-Free Bakery
Here's to a slew of alternative baked goods that don't taste, well, alternative. For ten years Toula has been whipping up goodies for her family. Goodies that are free from dairy, soy and gluten, but still taste splendid. And while the Lemon-Coconut Bars (like many of her wares) are to die for – we hope you don't do something that drastic. (Get half off, you savvy sweets-lover, you.)

Miller Union
Using simply (and deliciously) prepared whole, fresh foods—most of the menu items are naturally sans gluten, and the staff is careful to prevent cross-contamination, making this rustic, farm-to-table joint a friendly option, both in food and in atmosphere.

Yeah! Burger
West Midtown and Virginia-Highlanders rejoice! Here you'll find gluten-free buns (or opt for a lettuce wrap) and burgers that are cooked in a dedicated area, so you can chow down, no worries.

If you're tired of veggie platters, this seasonal, European inspired place is for you, my friend. They offer a complete gluten-free menu, and the staff is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to the gluten content of items on the regular one.

Sally's Gluten Free Bakery
You read that right. This whole bakery is gluten-free, son. Any morsel you get a whiff of as you walk though the door, you'll be able to eat. And yes, that includes those famous chocolate-chip cookies. Try a mini-loaf, fo' free.