So, a bootcamp boss, a cycling instructor, and a yogi walk into a restaurant. Do they order a) a bowl of quinoa, b) a big cheesy burger, c) sticky toffee pudding, or... d) all of the above? We tracked down three local fitness pros to hear their favorite spots to eat healthy and, well, not so healthy. (Hey, we all cheat.)


Scoutmob: Introduce yourself and tell us what you're all about.
Josh: I'm Josh Guerrieri and I help run FitWit, a group fitness program with a bend towards social good. Not only do our folks get in great shape, but by signing up, they also help a child get fit too. Live Fit, Give Fit.

Scoutmob:What are some of your favorite spots around town for healthy eats?
Josh: With four small kids at home, we honestly don't get out much (frown face). Fortunately, we live down the street from the Dekalb Farmer's Market and buy as much grass-fed and organic food as we can. When I do go out for something healthy, I try to hit spots that have a good variety of farm to table or local/organic options - Duck's Cosmic Kitchen, The Shed and Stone Soup Kitchen are some faves. But, I can usually make do with any place that has a salad or even Mexican joints where I can nix the shell and rice.

Scoutmob: And when you want to indulge a little?
Josh: I'm a sucker for a good cheeseburger and beer, so Farm Burger hits all the right spots. Take the #1 Blackboard Burger and add the FB garlic, herb and parmesan fries, and then wash her down with a pint of Wild Heaven beer. Heaven indeed!

CARA WEAVER, Flywheel & 10-Pack

Scoutmob: Introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do.
Cara: My name is Cara Weaver, I am the founder of 10 Pack and instructor at Flwheel & Flybarre Atlanta. 10 Pack is Atlanta's Fitness Concierge helping anyone sample and discover the best workout for them!

Scoutmob: Favorite dishes or restaurants for eating clean?
Cara: I am a regular at Cafe Jonah in Buckhead and Metro Fresh in Midtown because they always have healthy, gluten-free and fresh-made options. I have also discovered Nam Phaung on Bufurd Hwy, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant and the basil rolls that you can make yourself (so fun!) are fresh, light, and delicious! My favorite meal is breakfast so when I get the time to sit down somewhere rather than throwing down a shake, I go to American Roadhouse for the Black & White dish, to Flying Biscuit for the Black Bean cakes, or Cafe Jonah for her Fritatta.

Scoutmob: And how about when you're feeling a little tempted?
Cara: I am really good with my diet 90% of the time so I don't call it "cheating," I call it "the other 10% that will always happen and never make me feel guilty!" I choose, in no particular order, Yogli Mogli chocolate with peanut butter cups and dark chocolate syrup, and a Yeah! Burger on a gluten-free bun, sweet pototato fries and onion rings!

ANNA RUSS, Tough Love Yoga

Scoutmob: Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about yourself.
Anna: Hi! I'm Anna and I'm an Ayurvedic Health and Fitness Professional. This year I have the privilege of teaming up with Tough Love Yoga (IMHO, the best yoga studio around) to launch some exciting and fun programs like Yogic Run Club and Ayurvedic Lifestyle courses. I also work with individual clients creating strategies and plans to meet their life goals whether it be just getting their mojo back, a safe home detox and cleanse program or even completing their first Ironman. Check it out!

Scoutmob: What are some of your favorite restaurants and/or dishes in town for healthier food?
Anna: Ayurveda is all about nutrition and enjoying life through all of your senses. The Atlanta food scene really delivers this big time! Tough Love Yoga just opened its new space next door to Radial Cafe and I am digging the Grain Bowl. It has quinoa, farro and barley with sautéed kale, sweet potatoes and mushroom tossed with an incredibly fresh tomato vinaigrette. For dinner right now the wood hearth roasted GA Trout at the Optimist is amazing. Its local, seasonal and simple...truly Ayurvedic.

Scoutmob: And when you want to indulge a little? (We all cheat, right?)
Anna: Atlanta delivers on cheats too! When I want to really indulge nothing beats the bison burger at Yeah! Burger. I take it old school style with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. On the weekends I love brunch and my current favorite is the fried oysters with grits and greens at Parish. (The restaurant sits right on the Beltline which is nice for walking it off afterwards!). For a sweet cheat the Sticky Toffee Pudding at 4th & Swift has no equal. It is an emotional experience, you have been warned.