From the best place to score an artful latte to a tucked away historic alley, our city streets are layered with insider tidbits and locals-only knowledge. To help you unlock even more local goodness, Scoutmob’s free deals are now available on the Field Trip app created by Google’s Niantic Labs. Scoutmob and Field Trip are a match made in local discovery heaven, as we share a commitment to support exploration of the things that make our cities so darn awesome.

We are proud to be the first provider of free offers on Field Trip, alerting app users to thousands of nearby locally owned businesses so they can eat some authentic Ethiopian or get a stiff cocktail—all on a whim. Joining publishers like Zagat, Thrillist and Cool Hunting on Field Trip will help us gauge consumer interest in new ways to learn about local offers and next generation location-aware apps.

Scoutmob’s spontaneous, commitment-free deals were attractive to Field Trip’s creators from the start. After installation, Field Trip runs in the background and exposes information tailored to your interests as you move around the city with no searching or browsing necessary. Set the type and number of alerts you want to see and—bam—local businesses, historical factoids, landmarks, art and culture will all find you. Field Trip is currently available for Android phones, with an iPhone version set to launch early this year.

The Field Trip app is part of a movement fueled by massive smartphone adoption to unlock information stored online and weave it into a more ambient experience. No need to pause real life and spend time asking for information; that’s so 2012. Ubiquitous computing technology seeks to anticipate an information need and allow people to know what the web knows.

Field Trip joins Scoutmob’s own native iOS and Android apps, to distribute hundreds of Scoutmob discounts available for instant use across the U.S. Scoutmob offers have resulted in millions of purchases at local businesses since we launched in January 2010.

We believe in treating everyday like your own local field trip. Heck, we encourage you to reenact Ferris Bueller's Day Off any day of the week. And there’s no better way to feel connected to your community than by supporting locally owned businesses. Here’s to a more curious 2013 and beyond.