Every now and again, an idea comes along that just makes us scratch our heads and wonder how on earth we've been able to live without it thus far. See: the wheel, sliced bread, the Dorito Loco taco. Well, thanks to a self-described culinary "mad scientist" and her trusty oven, we can add one more glorious innovation to that roster: beer cupcakes. See also: beer doughnuts, beer brownies, beer muffins. Atlanta, say hello to Happy Hour Confections.

It all came about when Holly Pezzano decided that the cupcake, the frilliest of all confections, deserved a little grown-up swag and a little less of that frou-frou princess-y cachet. Hence, the beer. After a six-month whirlwind of the most delicious research and development ever, ever Holly has her deliciously boozy answer to the cutesy princess confections of yore with her menu of spiked sweet treats like Lemon Hefeweizen Cupcakes, Smoked Porter Sea Salt Brownies and Doppelbock Cinnamon Doughnuts, to name a few.

We were treated to a taste of the Salted Triple Porter Cupcake, a downright sinful concoction of moist vanilla porter cake, deliciously gooey caramel porter filling and chocolate porter frosting sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. And then we blacked out and woke up to an empty baking sheet where a dozen cupcakes used to be. Oops.

We know, we know: skip to the part where we tell you where you can get your paws on a dozen of those Triple Porter Cupcakes, stat. Holly will soon be peddling her wares in both the Roswell and Decatur locations of Ale Yeah!, in addition to taking online orders. It's no coincidence that she's getting geared up just in time for a certain heart-shaped holiday: no matter how much you detest Valentine's, a box of "Death By Chocolate Stout" cupcakes is a pretty sweet way to treat your significant other. Or yourself. (Or your friendly neighborhood Scouts. Wink, wink.)

She's planning to keep on keepin' on with tinkering around in the kitchen, playing with local brews and seasonal flavors, so stay tuned... and stay hungry. Who would've thought that beer could possibly get even more delicious?