Many Twitter-savvy Atlantans are already on board with a little somethin' called #FAFATL. For the rest of you hashtag-haters, it stands for Free Art Fridays Atlanta and it is a wonderful social media-powered movement to deliver free art to the streets and encourage people to explore their home city. (Big shout out to technology on this one.)

Here’s how it works. An Atlanta street artist will “hide” his or her handicraft somewhere, snap a pic and upload it to Twitter/Facebook/Flickr etc. with a clue to help you divine its location. And so the race begins! Whoever finds the piece first gets to take it home and love it forever. Or keep the hunt going by hiding it again. Sharing is caring, y’all.

Pro tip: FAFATL doesn’t only apply on Friday. Because the first rule of FAFATL is there are no rules. The second rule is don’t talk about FAFATL. Just kidding, you can totally talk about it. In fact, you probably should talk about it. And tweet about it. And Instagram about it. Whatever it is you do. NO RULES!

Now you’re probably thinking, okay this is cool… but who do I follow? May we present a Beginner’s List.


Catlanta, @cat_lanta
People will go to great lengths to get their hands on adorable wooden kittens. Especially when they’re painted in adorable outfits with a little heart on the front. (Hello, Wes Anderson litter!) Warning: These cuties are usually snatched up within an hour of being posted. Don’t fret if someone gets to the goods before you do. There’s much more to free art than woodcut cats.

Maplanta, @Map_lanta
Basically, if you want success as a FAFATL artist, make sure your name ends with -lanta. Not really. Maplanta is pretty awesome at spreadin’ local, cartographic love across the city, though. Plus, they make pieces for all of the ATL’s eccentric little neighborhoods from VaHi to Cabbagetown. Psst, they’re also on Scoutmob Shoppe, ya know, if you’d rather have your art delivered to your door.

Blockhead, @blockhead_atl
Step back, Buckhead. Clearly, Blockhead is where it’s at these days. The artist behind Blockhead gets mad props for bringing tons o’ variety to FAFATL. Each blockhead is painted with a different design before going out into the world. The possibilities are endless!


Thumbs, @thumbs_atl
Shockingly, the free art thumbs are not shaped like giant thumbs. They’re normally wooden medallions with a carving of a thumbs up instead. Who couldn’t use a little more positive affirmation in their life?

Lovelock ATL, @lovelockatl
The artists of Lovelock just want you to love Atlanta as much as they do. You do, don’t you? That’s what we thought. They leave out plastic heart-shaped keyhole ornaments and lockboxes that you can store memories of the city inside of.

Clunky, @clunkyrobot
Clunky is more than a piece of free art. He’s got personality. Just look at that lopsided grin! Not to mention a whole mythos including Clunky Drones and intergalactic archenemies known as Deadnauts. What creeps.


MariARTa, @MariARTa13
MariARTa’s mission is to bring that Marietta swag ITP. We think it’s great to see more of the Atlanta area represented in the FAFATL game and we love seeing the heart motif being used by more than one artist. We think it gives it that tight community vibe. And that’s what it’s all about.

Remember, these aren’t all the FAFATL artists. This is just a few to get you started. Trust us when we say that once you find your first piece, you’re gonna want more for your mini art gallery. Better get to it. Ready, set, HUNT!