People manufacture some interesting gadgets for the storage and consumption of food. You’d think your standard bowl and spoon are pretty much beyond improvement. After all, they’ve verified themselves as prime eating tools again and again over the past… forever. But for some people, thousands of years of diligent lip service (literally) is not enough. These unstoppable dreamers (who reside mostly in Japan for whatever reason) have bestowed upon us these five wonders of invention. And now we’ve bestowed upon you a lil’ digital guidebook on the best local joints to go put these spectacular devices to use. You can thank us later.

An Anti-Loneliness Soup Bowl
Soup really is the best food for eating alone. It warms your insides, helping to offset the lack of warmth you could be getting from human contact. Sometimes, though, solo-slurping gets dull. And juggling between your spoon and your smartphone is downright draining. May we present to you the Anti-Loneliness Soup Bowl, now with built-in iPhone dock! Never feel like you don’t know where to look while eating sans companions again! So, where should you get your bowl filled? We say look no further than the official royal residence of Atlanta’s Soup Queen, Souper Jenny. One warm serving of her Italian vegetable soup to nourish your soul plus one warm phone to occupy your mind and you’ll be wondering why you don’t eat alone more often.

An Anti-Loneliness Rocks Glass
And since you’re generally not very social, here’s an anti-loneliness rocks glass, too. They call it the “Clink!” Glass and it has a game in the bottom! The object of the game is to direct the marbles into their respective ridges. As a bonus, playing the game aerates your spirits. That’s fun AND effective. Or, if the game proves too challenging, you can just make toasts to yourself and thrust your glass out for a satisfying clink! minus the trouble of actually having to knock your glass into someone else’s. For a selection of establishments to put this baby to use, see How to Drink Alone in Atlanta.

A Super Spork
Take a good look at a regular old spork. Now ask yourself, what are those little baby tines supposed to pick up? Answer: not much. Fortunately, some blessed soul saw this problem and gave us the Super Spork. Of course, the super spork is the perfect utensil for ramen. It’s practically the only way to get the noodle/broth ratio just right. But we see beyond this obvious application. Consider chicken tikka at Paradise Biryani swimming in flavorful masala sauce, cupcakes topped with impractically tall swirls of frosting at Endulge Cupcake and gumbo teeming with all kinds of edible Cajun critters at On the Bayou. The Super Spork is the answer to all these tough culinary puzzles.

A Condiment Picnic Table
It’s about time someone gave condiments the respect they deserve. It hurts to see these pillars of classic American cuisine irreverently set down on the side of a table. Now, there’s finally a place for condiments to sit comfortably. And what’s cuter than a small something on top of a bigger version of itself? Not much. See: Exhibit A. We think Woody’s Cheesesteaks and the Great American Burger Boutique & Ale (GABBA) could really put these mini-tables to use.

A Ramen Hair Guard
We understand how really good ramen can put a person in a kind of broth-fueled fervor. The consequent noodle lust can be so great that there simply isn’t time to worry about what going on with one’s hair. We aren’t sure if this pink ruffly thing is meant to keep the hair out of the ramen or the ramen out of the hair but it seems like a win either way. Getting hair in your ramen? Icky. Getting noodles in your hair? Well that just looks silly. Satisfy your most furious ramen cravings at Miso Izakaya , of course, or at Don Quixote if you’re feeling up for K-food.