Reading, writing, and 'rithmatic? Pshaw! Those long division skills won't save you when the zombie apocalypse strikes. But cheesemaking, wood chopping and beer-brewing? Well... we suppose that last one might come in handy. Keeping the dream of the 1890s alive and well is The Homestead, a noble, brand-new nonprofit institution teaching Atlantans some of the skills our forefathers (and our flannel-clad, velvety bearded Portland brethren) utilized in everyday life... and help its students feel just slightly less dependent on weekly trips to Whole Foods.

Though the school has been in the works for a couple years now, a recent partnership with Georgia Organics and a real, live, honest-to-goodness class schedule means we're even closer to making our own herbal medicine, growing our own mushrooms, and—yes—turning water into wine. Inspired in part by the John C. Campbell Folk School, the Homestead hopes to revive age-old skills and crafts (like whipping up a good tincture or chopping your own wood), as well as picking up a few new tricks with a sustainability bent (biodynamic soil: a superfood-meets-crack for your tomato plant).

So, whether you're looking to impress your friends with your hand-hewn chicken coop, prep for Doomsday or simply pick up a new hobby, take a gander at The Homestead's March class schedule and kick it old-school with Kimberly and her roster of wise instructors. At least after a wood-chopping class or log-joinery seminar, your proclivities toward lumberjack shirts will be slightly more justified.