My, Edgewood, how you've grown! Just in the past few years, the Old Fourth Ward corridor has bloomed into a nightlife hotspot, whether your fancy is tickled by craft cocktails and DJs (hello, Sound Table), good beer and great bar food (salutations, Corner Tavern) or priest robes and ping-pong (we love you, Sister Louisa's Church). And now another bar being added to the strip of thriving drinking dens? Why, sure! We'll happily take it.

Edgewood revelers, meet your latest O4W hangout. It's called Mother; it's secreted away in the historic environs of 447 Edgewood; it's opening at the end of March; and we have a feeling it's going to be one of our favorite new booze dens in the neighborhood.

Artsy types may know the bar's co-owners as Mark and James, the proprietors of Beep Beep Gallery, who've teamed up with two Brooklynites (Jason Radich and Matt Relkin, who also run a Williamsburg hotspot, The Woods), to bring Edgewood a brand-new hangout. The three-story location, which James discovered on Dashboard Co-op's "Ground Floor" art tour, was built in 1915, and much of the interior has been preserved. In other words, like most of the neighboring businesses, it's a once-vacant historic property that's been given new life, all for your imbibing pleasure.

While James, Mark and their New York-based cohorts have yet to establish an official menu, we do know that the bar will serve a few local brews, classic cocktails and lots of whiskey, bourbon and tequila. The street-level bar will be a laid-back neighborhood watering hole; the upstairs will be a little more energetic.

"It's just how we wanted a bar to look like," described Mark, adding that the duo wanted to bring a touch of Beep Beep's "absurdism and wildness" to the place.

Sounds like this new kid on the block's going to fit in just fine.

Pro-tip: stay tuned for updates on Mother's menu and opening date.