When the weather gets rough, we get going. And we get a running start before cannonballing into the refreshing depths of our local swimmin' holes. Because there are very few situations in which we'd rather sit in our cars sweltering, sweaty palms sticking to the steering wheel, when we could be tossin' back chilled iced tea before jumping off of the rope swing.

Luckily for our nostalgia-driven swimming quests, we've got our pick of places to cool off in, and these are just three of 'em:

Rockmart Swimming Hole

Don't quote us on this, but this might be a swimsuit-sometimes-optional situation. Use your discretion, as this isn't a place where you can *officially* swim, let alone in your skivvies. Pish posh, we say. There are things to jump from here! For extra authenticity, say that you're, "headin' down to the crick." People will be impressed.

Watson Mill Bridge Park

If sliding on your belly across these shallow shoals doesn't make you feel like a penguin, we don't know what will. But you'll still be able to appreciate the 100-year-old picturesque covered bridge as you splash around with your buds. We're not saying this would make a slammin' Facebook cover photo, but then again, we're not saying it wouldn't.

Mill Creek

Here it is, folks. The initiation to summer that you've been waiting for—yes, we're talkin' about rope swings here. Jump on, arc over the cool water below and let out a hoot or a holler (heck, why not both?) as you let go and fall in with excellent form, delivering a glorious splash to all that surrounds you.

Safety note: don't swim alone, not only because it sounds depressing, but also because it's dangerous. Same goes for diving headfirst. There are rocks down there, kid.