Guys, guys…GUYS. Great news: no one has to scream anymore. Not with Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream in town. An Atlanta staple of chilly, creamy confections for the past five years, Morelli's is scooping up and throwing down flavors that are practically guaranteed to turn any day into a great one. Because sometimes, well, we just really need a scoop of rosemary olive oil to make things alright. No, we take that back. Make it a double.

We set out to discover how ice-cream smiths (and spouses) Donald and Clarissa come up with their gourmet scoops of premium, dense ice cream. As it turns out? Practically everywhere. The ever-changing line-up of over 100 flavors ranges from Coconut Jalapeno to the famous Salted Caramel, with new, vegan lines coming out of the ice cream lab this summer.

Sometimes they're the result of intensive testing (followed by intensive tasting).

When inspiration strikes this inventive duo, it doesn't have to come in dessert form—or even food form. One of Morelli's most beloved creations, Ginger Lavender, actually originated from some delightful-smelling (but probably gross-tasting) lotion. Donald and Clarissa magically transformed it into ice cream in their ice cream lab; with testing, re-testing, tinkering, and then…more testing.

Sometimes they're purely by happenstance.

A couple years ago, back when these folks used to keep the rotating flavors up on a chalkboard, someone had written "banana" too close to the "pistachio." Upon misreading it, Donald thought, "Huh. That sounds good!" And as it turns out, it was. In fact, some of their most popular flavors come from the unlikeliest of sources: The Morelli's folks can oft be found putting their proverbial and literal heads together with chefs from the likes of Ri Ra Irish Pub and Sound Table.

And sometimes…well, sometimes they don't work out. At all.

At Morelli's, they welcome suggestions and challenges with open arms (and cones). We asked Donald if any flavor #fails ever made it to the public. "Celery," he replied without hesitation. Yes, apparently someone challenged the crew to turn the stringy, albeit refreshing, stalk into a creamy delicacy. Donald recalls, "What's worse: the fact that we even tried to make celery ice cream? Or the fact that half a bucket of the stuff sold?"

Keep checking Morelli's Facebook and Twitter for insider flavor updates, like when Donald and Clarissa are attempting something crazy...Mountain Dew, anyone?