Pie Local may be the new kid on the farmers' market block, but like seasoned pros, the folks behind it are whipping up local, organic and (sometimes) vegan pies to die for. (Don't actually die though, please. We like you.) BFFs Brad and Dave met in kindergarten, and have been friends ever since. But it wasn't until the past year or so, after Brad also moved down to Atlanta, that the duo looked around and started wondering where all the pies were.

Combining forces with vegan-recipe-builder extraordinaire Sarah, the newly formed trio set to work. Dave, with his extreme expertise in the baking realm had base recipes, which Brad helped tweak...and taste test. It was months before the public ever saw the crust-covered fruits of Pie Local's labor, but we promise you, desserts like these? They're well worth the wait.

And, as if you needed a reason to daintily stuff your face with a coupla pies, we've come up with a few iron-clad arguments just for you.

Support Rounds-Upon-Rounds of Rigorous Pie Testing

Situation: you've been secretly developing ridiculously awesome pies for months, and you need to decide which ones are the best. No problem for Brad. We can thank his coworkers, who put their sampler forks in cups by the pies they liked the most, for weeding out flavor duds like cocoa in blueberry, which didn't quite make the transition from recipe card to real life. Instead, this small focus group honed in on Berry Seinfeld, Caramel Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb and Peach. Of course, the pies vary based on what's in season, and Sarah often helps the fellows come up with a vegan variety to take to market. (Pst. We'll happily test as many as you'd like.)

Enjoy Crusts, Which Have Been Tweaked to Perfection

You don't get golden, flaky crusts like this on the first try. No, sir. Brad estimates that in the several months of recipe development, they went through 50 to 60 crust recipes. (We'll let you guess how many pies they ate in the name of science.) Remember, Dave already had a solid base recipe to start from, so the trio made tweak upon tweak until they reached absolute crust perfection. That meant adjusting things like sugar levels, which Brad claims is a real thing.

Savor Pies Which Are Local, Organic, and Sometimes...Both (!)

Brad and Dave's pies are not only delectable, they're sustainable, too. In between layers of flaky, buttery crust (made from organic flours and sugars) lie ingredients sourced from the best local producers. With Sparkman's Cream Valley butter, Cleveland Organics pecans, Miles Berry Farm blueberries, and Watsonia Farms' organic peaches, they create the flavors that Atlantans scramble over every weekend at the Sandy Springs Market and Grant Park Farmers' Market (Pie Local has a stand here every other week). Brad explained, "We always knew we wanted to talk directly to the farmers—the quality would be higher, and the pies would actually taste better."

Let's Face It, The South Needs More Pie, Y'all

Brad and Dave are Midwestern folk. Hailing originally from Michigan, they've tasted pies all over flyover country. Which sounds like a pretty sweet gig to us, because, while we certainly can fix a mean biscuit, we know when we need help. And, well, Atlanta's not known for her pies, folks.

The first step's acceptance. The second? Devouring delicious pie after pie. It's a social experiment. Promise.

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