When Atlanta's underserved and under-treated population is searching for a place to receive quality, low-cost medical care, Lorna Mauney-Brodek is the answer. As a community herbalist, medicine maker, wildcrafter and teacher, Lorna is responsible for introducing the streets of Atlanta to The Herb Bus. A mobile, herbal clinic on wheels, The Herb Bus began at the beginning of the year, and already has two regularly scheduled stops: the Open Door Community and The Big House. And, of course, all of its services are free to those who might not otherwise have access to care.

Lorna is a thoroughly educated herbalist, with training in street medic care, medicine-making and clinical herbalism. And Atlanta, she says, "is full of great herbs, from mimosa flowers to kudzu." Yes, kudzu. Despite her impressively full schedule, which includes work at her private practice and the Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic, Lorna still manages to find time for teaching classes at The Homestead. So we say, get involved. After all, herbs are a growing industry. (LITERALLY!)

As the medicine maker, Lorna is in charge of, well, making the medicines.

She has a couple regular stops in Atlanta, one of which is the Open Door Community.

But Lorna also takes her mobile medical VW on the road, teaching classes and offering aid when needed.

Many of the tinctures and treatments are made from herbs that Lorna gathered herself. Though she does happily accept herbal donations.

From these natural ingredients, she creates science-driven formulas. In this way, she treats ailments which range from indigestion to heart problems. All for free.

Helping the underserved community in Atlanta, one stop at a time.

Help out if you can, with a tax-deductible donation or some much-needed supplies.

Photography courtesy of Jessica Horwitz Photography and The Herb Bus.