Normally, around this particular time of year, we've grown weary of summer—the scorching temperatures, the stifling humidity, the popsicles that melt before you've barely unwrapped them... But this summer? Well, we're not complaining about the conspicuous absence of three-digit readings on our car thermometers, but we can't help but feel like summer has passed us by. And we don't think we're alone. But, rather than letting 18 inches of torrential downpour in the last two months (seriously!) rain all over our parade, we plan on cramming as much summertime goodness into the month of August as humanly possible. Below, our top nine action items (in no particular order) for squeezing every last drop of summer out of August:

1. Squeeze in one last pool day. Our top picks? Either swank it up with cocktails and ice cream at the W Midtown's WET Deck, perfect your tan and your tree pose at a yoga pool party, or go low-brow (and possibly nekkid) at one of the many swimmin' holes near ATL. We've heard tales of rope swings, y'all.

2. Take yourself out to the ballgame. Get you some peanuts and Crackerjacks an H&F burger. Yup, that sacred and elusive creation that many connoisseurs consider to be the Holy Grail of burger artistry—the same one that turns dignified dinner guests into meat-thirsty barbarians once Holeman's burger bullhorn sounds out at 10 p.m.—is now available to anyone with a $32 ticket. Steep? Sure, but can you really put a price on burger perfection (plus outfield pavilion seats and French fries)? Didn't think so.

3. Catch the last of the outdoor summer movies. A few are still going strong, Candler Park Movie Nights and Atlantic Station's Movies in Central Park among them. Of course, if you're looking for what some may consider the ultimate in summer movie-watching escapades, pack up your cooler and your grill and make a pilgrimage to the Starlight Six. It could be sleeting at the Starlight and it'd still feel like summer to us.

4. Shoot the 'Hooch. Cold? Pshaw. Those 60-degree waters will only make you feel more alive. (And besides, it's only going to get colder.) Wallow around in the Chattahoochee aboard a fetching innertube for a couple miles and see the 'burbs in a whole new light.

5. Learn to whip up a few summertime staples (the liquid kind). Because when the mercury drops and the days darken, you'll always have that faithful Caipirinha at your side.

6. Sink your teeth into a delicious Georgia peach. (Or an equally delicious Georgia peaches 'n cream pop from King of Pops.) Because in our minds, it just ain't summer 'til you've had the sweet, messy pleasure of Georgia's greatest export.

7. Witness the carnage and glory of the Atlanta Rollergirls. Haven't had the chance to spend your Saturday afternoon cheering on the likes of Pee Wee Slayhouse & Co.? You only have a couple more chances left as their 2013 season winds down.

8. Revel in the patriotic, pyrotechnic glory of the Stone Mountain Laser Show. Now with more fireworks! (Seriously, though. It really does have more fireworks this year.) This summertime tradition has been an Atlanta staple for three decades, and in our humble opinion, you just can't let August slip by without spending 45 minutes basking in the utter majesty of country music paired with firepower, Civil War ephemera and lasers. Pew pew pew pew pew!

9. Try each and every beverage available at Trader Vic's. For best results, make that all in one night. Take that, rain! (Pro-tip: might want to organize a designated driver… and possibly a trip to the dentist the next day. Those Mai Tais are essentially just boozed-up Pixie Sticks.)