While it's no secret that we're rather outspoken about our love for ice cream, there's always room in our hearts (and bellies) for one more, absurdly delicious frozen treat, like Watermelon Snow. Truth be told, this fluffy, frozen concoction, brought to us by the great folks behind the Good Food Truck is making us wonder if we ever loved ice cream at all.

The treat is prepped by a cantankerous old Japanese ice shaver, which has been making its way around Atlanta since it was warm enough to go outside sans coat. A fresh, always-frozen watermelon is shaved by said machine, right on the spot, yielding a fluffy, cold and delicious treat, all on its own. And that towering beauty looks a little somethin' like this:

That being said, these are the Good Food Truck people, remember? Which means that, in addition to the plain ol' refreshing snow, they've created a couple more adventurous varieties. Varieties that have toppings like chili/lime/agave syrup and sweet & spicy organic pumpkin seeds (that would be The Guadalajara) or basil/balsamic syrup and fresh mozzarella on a bed of organic arugula (The Palermo). These are both incredible takes on the (even more) incredible frozen treat. Our personal favorite though, is the Ooo La La: a cupful of the shaved watermelon snow, topped with rose syrup, Maldon sea salt and almond slivers. Let's just say, we wouldn't mind a Watermelon Snowpocalypse of the stuff.

Get Some:
Watermelon Snow is flyin' every Sunday at the Grant Park Farmers Market and every Thursday at the EAV Farmers Market. Follow Jessamine Starr on Twitter for any other pop-up locales.