We like mushrooms, and we like foraging. But if we don't have the time to learn the proper way to do it, well, we're not gonna risk it. Because that can be bad news, folks. Luckily, there's a quiet, urban mushroom farm hidden away in West Atlanta, where they grow the goods we want (Silver Oyster Mushrooms, anyone?), and they do so in the most earth-friendly way possible. Yes, Atlanta Gourmet Mushrooms is now our preferred method of mushroom picking, one that's completely free from wondering, "Hmm... That one looks okay, think it's alright to eat?"

Unlike what you'll find in your yard, all of these mushrooms are grown indoors on pasteurized, plant-based materials (read: sans manure) without synthetic pesticide or fertilizer. They flourish indoors, where the air is clean and pests don't exist, making these little guys as tasty as they are healthy. Oh, and they're guaranteed to not be poisonous. Promise. But these folks don't stop at safe, delicious mushrooms either. Atlanta Gourmet Mushroom (or, affectionately, ATL Mush) is about even more than fabulous fungi (though they've got that down pat).

Here, they're about being involved, promoting healthy, environmentally friendly practices and establishing community gardens, which they already did once this summer in the EAV Farmer's Market Edible Learning Garden. And for the extra curious, ATL Mush also offers occasional workshops teaching us Atlantans all about growing mushrooms at home, as well as cookin' 'em.

Count us in.

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