Sure, we love Instagram for the Rise-tinted latte art and X-Pro mirror selfies just as much as the next aspiring Ansel Adams. But a little less than a year ago, a few local snap-happy photographers decided to use the photo-sharing app not to share what they had for breakfast, nor what their feet looked like at the beach, but for an even higher, nobler cause: to capture their love for ATL. Like so.

Thus, #weloveatl was born. And what started as merely a hashtagged collection of local landmarks captured on camera soon grew to become a citywide movement—and a December group show at Youngblood Gallery, where 150 photographers had the opportunity to show off their photographic ode to their city. Was it a success? Well, considering it was the biggest night in Youngblood's 15-year history, and that the sales of prints raised over $3,200 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, and that over a thousand people filed into the tiny Poncey-Highland gallery to catch a glimpse of their fellow Atlantans' work... yeah, we'd say so. And the #weloveATL folks probably would, too.

After Atlantans came in droves to see the work of their fellow locals hanging on the gallery walls back in December (and after more than 16,000 images popped up with that #weloveATL hashtag since its inception), the guys behind the project decided they needed to keep the #weloveatl movement going strong. "2012 was all about building the foundation for this photographic community, and building a foundation for ways we could get art out to people in unexpected ways," Brandon Barr (one of the project's founders) told us. So what's in the works for 2013? Well, a '95 Chevy truck, for starters.

It's true, ATL: #weloveatl is hitting the road. But not without our help. The mobile photography gallery (they're calling it a sort of "food truck for art") will stock a rotating selection of affordable prints, act as a pop-up gallery at events, sell #weloveatl merchandise, project images onto nearby buildings and live-print photos from the hashtag on-site—all in the name of getting accessible, affordable, Atlanta-lovin' art to the people. Pretty noble stuff, no?

So, ready your wallets, loosen your purse-strings and head over to the #weloveATL Kickstarter. They're ready to hit the ground running and get the official #weloveATL Mobile Photography Gallery roaming the streets of Atlanta by October 1, and we're ready to help 'em make it happen. Because we don't just like you, ATL. We like-like you.

Learn more about #weloveATL's big plans in its Kickstarter video: