Jason and Bob, the gentlemen behind Decatur's Square Pub, have a thing for chiles. Scratch that—it's more like an insatiable, passionate, deep yearning for 'em. And for Chef Jason, not just any chile will do. Because, as any native Southwesterner worth their salt will tell you, no mere chile compares to the beloved Hatch green chile. Only one problem: that Hatch green chile is only grown in Hatch, New Mexico. And for these two intrepid chile-enthusiasts, that can only mean one thing: Road Trip.

For the past three years, Jason and Bob have taken this serious matter into their own hands: renting a moving truck, heading westward and bringing back thousands and thousands of green chiles for Decatur's enjoyment. A sort of Manifest Destiny for Scoville junkies, if you will. For Jason, who mans the Square Pub kitchen and previously lived in New Mexico, the results are worth every inch of that 1,506-mile trek. He sees Hatch as "the Napa Valley of chile peppers," citing the infamous green chile's one-of-a-kind flavor as something he simply can't imagine running a proper kitchen without. (Take a look at the Square Pub's menu, and you may notice a common theme: green chile burgers, green chile hummus, green chile tater tots… you see where we're going with this.)

What happens with all those chiles once they're back in Decatur? Well, they must be roasted. Preferably en masse. And that's where the fun part happens. Each year, Jason and Bob host one hell of a party right outside the pub's front doors. This year, they'll hand-roast all 8,000 pounds of the goods while slinging chile-inspired food and drink, hosting a chile-chili cook-off, serving green chile beers brewed by Red Hare and Mother Earth, and cutting a rug to a live mariachi band. That's all going down on the afternoon of September 14, so mark your calendars and prepare your arsenal of antacids. In the meantime, check out this rare archival footage YouTube video of Jason and Bob's 2011 trip to Hatch. And get excited, because with 8,000 pounds of chiles soon to be heading our way on I-20, this year's going to be even bigger, better and more delicious.