Over the past couple years, ATL's seen the coming and going of quite a few clandestine supper clubs. But earlier this summer, a certain newcomer caught our eye when they decided to ditch the stiff, formal, 18-course seated meal model in favor of more eating, drinking and making merry—al fresco, no less, on a picturesque patch of land in the middle of the forest. And after a successful first few rounds of Food Party, they're ringing in autumn with the most delicious of all cool-weather traditions: an oyster roast. Ladies and gentlemen, sharpen your shuckin' knives.

But first, for those not familiar with the revelers of Food Party, a little backstory: after spending years in the kitchens of places like Five & Ten, Holeman & Finch and the Farmhouse at Serenbe (plus a stint of cooking school in Italy), Chef Tony Seichrist got the entrepreneurial itch, and started to ponder the idea of trying something beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar. "We'd toyed around with the idea of a supper club for a while," says Meggan Wood, Food Party's co-creator. "But we weren't really interested in the idea of a traditional, seated, plated meal." What they were interested in? Why, a party, of course.

Thus, Food Party was born. And with it, a whole new iteration of the supper club formula: what they call "large-format" dining, complete with about a hundred guests, 6.5 gorgeous woodsy acres to wander, ever-flowing libations, lawn games and enough of Chef Tony's food to feed an army. An army with excellent taste, that is. And for this edition of Food Party, Chef Tony is pulling out all the stops with a throw-down featuring our very favorite bivalve, from baked oysters Bienville (a classic NOLA staple) to oyster po'boys to roasted oysters straight-up. Based on what we know about the way Chef Tony does things (example: the very first Food Party was entirely themed around a species of shrimp that can only be found in waters a half-mile deep), we have a feeling it's going to be a bit more decadent than your average dinner party.

Curiosity piqued? Request an invite here… and be sure to brush up on those bocce skills.