We've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Old 4th Distillery to our neighborhood (and consequently, our hearts) for well over a year, and we're happy to report that it's even closer than before. Yes, the first distillery to open in Atlanta since Prohibition, expects to run its first batch of consistent, clean, boutique vodkas in Spring 2014.

And, in celebration of mounting the final hurdles to having a complete facility, they're getting ready to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the next week or so. Because, as it turns out, building the first distillery since Prohibition? Why, it ain't cheap, son. The crew, brothers Jeff and Craig Moore, along with their pals Gabe Pilato, Justin Gray (who is jokingly referred to as the Chairman of the Board-Nailer, as he will be constructing the distillery's tasting room) and Andy Duval are even more excited than ever to get things rollin' on Edgewood. And we're equally (and possibly more) excited to get involved.

They've already made quite a bit of headway, with a 1,200-gallon tank shipping out in the next week, and construction of their custom Carl still well underway. (No, Carl is not the still's name. It is, in fact, a swanky company in Germany.) The fellas are making partnerships with local producers whenever possible, and working on their space, which is located in a historic building right on Edgewood. They've taken it from this:

To this:

A work in progress? Certainly. But we're delighted by progress. And more than happy to help. Of course, Old 4th Distillery has partnered with some dynamic local makers, to sweeten the deal. Contributions to their launch, will result in a sundry of wondrous prizes, such as Deck Specks crafted from 100-year-old whiskey barrels, custom prints by Knifemen, and permanent, commemorative plaques in the distillery itself. And while all of these are certainly enticing, we're most ecstatic about the launch itself, slated to happen around May of next year.

While it's most definitely noteworthy that Atlanta is reclaiming her first distillery in almost 100 years, this isn't going to be any ol' vodka (and eventually gin) factory. Old 4th Distillery is the epitome of micro, with its founders talking of the possibilities of one-run batches like Beltline-flora-infused, persimmon (from the tree in front of Mother Bar) and evenā€¦kudzu spirits. And if these chaps successfully rid our city of that pervasive weed through vodka? Why, we doubt there are many causes more worthy.