Sure we've had our fair share of burritos. Okay, more than our fair share (sorry, Steve). But we've learned that those snugly wrapped tubes of deliciousness come in two varieties, namely: burritos and burritos. We're here to talk about the latter.

For sprinkled amid the many fine burrito-mongers of Atlanta, there are a select few who go above and beyond your average tomato + meat + lettuce + tortilla formula. Yes, things like pineapple, broccoli and even angel hair pasta are all fair game for these burrito trailblazers. And isn't it about time we took a moment, and just appreciated the sheer genius that goes into creating an anti-burrito? So we did what any self-respecting, logical scientist would—we took a peek inside a few of our favorite non-burrito burritos, and then gleefully devoured the evidence.

The Pork-chonga at 120 Tavern & Music Hall
Okay, so technically this bad boy is akin to the classic burrito, as it is deep fried and therefore of the chimichanga persuasion, but this behemoth is such a beast of juicy pork perfection, we couldn't resist. New to the 120 Tavern's menu – this burrito is more than unforgettable. Stuffed full with pulled-pork and baked beans, then deep-fried and doused in queso, coleslaw and some of 120's signature, house-made BBQ sauce? Yup, this is the kind of thing straight from Paula Deen and Guy Fieri's dreams, folks.

Brisket Burrito at Smoke Ring BBQ
Jordan Wakefield's Castleberry Hill barbecue joint has only been open a few weeks, but they've already firmly lodged themselves in our hearts as some of the best 'cue this side of Memphis. And this burrito might have something to do with it. The beefy behemoth is stuffed with smoked brisket, doused in a shellacking of queso, spiced up with smoked salsa verde and sprinkled with crunchy tobacco onions. Oh, and a smattering of fresh greens, just to keep things healthy.

Gucci Piada at Segreto
Is this technically a burrito? No. But is it worth the trek up I-85 to Suwanee? Affirmative. Based on an Italian street snack, Segreto's Gucci Piada is stuffed to the brim with creamy wild mushroom alfredo, steak tenderloin, gorgonzola cheese and angel hair pasta, then grilled to crispy perfection. So rich, it makes the Quesarito look like a lettuce wrap. Oh, and it's also served alongside truffle fries. This is the stuff of which 3 a.m. snacking dreams are made, people. (But we're happy to indulge at lunchtime like a proper grown-up. Or any time, really.)

Broccoli & Potato Burrito from Bell Street Burritos
There's no better way to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the bustling Sweet Auburn Curb Market than with a Broccoli + 'Tater burrito in hand. What's that? No no, you're right. One in each hand would be better.

Pad Thai Burrito from Elmyr
Hybrid. Fusion. Ground-breaking. Whatever moniker you choose, the Pad Thai Burrito is one invention that we won't soon forget. And of course, it's best enjoyed in the hazy, divey and oh-so-hip environs of Elmyr.

Pineapple Jerk Burrito from Raging Burrito
Fortuitously, we stumbled into RB on trivia night–though any evening will do, when you can sidle on up to the bar and order a Pineapple Jerk Burrito like you own the place. Pro-tip: this is a great way to impress the ever-elusive lady-folk.

Pulled Pork Burrito from Hankook Taqueria
Saunter into this cozy, hidden gem of a joint, and you'll learn a thing or two about Korean and Mexican cuisine. Namely, that they're a perfect match. Some dae ji gogi (pulled pork with spicy korean bbq sauce) tightly wound into a burrito bundle with kimchee fried rice? C'mon. That's a relationship built to last. Until devoured, at least.