It’s not easy being greasy, and nobody (fast food industry aside) knows that better than the concrete cruisin’ cyclists that bike to work every day. No matter how short the ride is or how many hills are miraculously avoided along the way, chances are that self-propelling around town on the regular is going to work up a sweat. Throw in an inattentive driver (or four) with a dash of inclimate weather, and you’re looking at some smelly, scuffed-up and disgruntled employees.

So what’s a bike enthusiast have to do in order to overcome these constant roadblocks? Well you could start by taking a few tips from the Hassan brothers, a dashing duo of experienced riders who started a cycling blog to help fellow gear geeks get to and from work in style. Their mission is to pick out, road test and review commuter-friendly clothing that aids in avoiding all of the embarrassing side effects that go hand in hand with hitting the road engine-free.

A period of positive blog responses from the cycling community led these mustachioed bros into branching out from the interwebs and starting up their own brick-and-mortar in O4W, appropriately named the Spindle. Since the shop’s grand opening, they’ve been busy dishing out duds that can withstand the rough road life and make the wearer look fly while doing it. We’re talkin’ about bona fide sweat-resistant, temperature-sensitive, pants-splitting-proof attire and accessories, y’all, and they all get tested by The Spindle team before they ever hit the shelves.

Coming up on May 3rd, the shop will be co-hosting an Alleycat ride with Atlantan Beltline Bicycle. The race will take place throughout downtown, commencing at Spindle and ending at The Atlanta Beltline Bicycle. And of course, no race is complete without a celebration – libations and celebrations will take place afterward. Registration is just $10, and more information can be found at the Spindle's website.

Stop by the shop Wednesday through Sunday for a quick browse. We’re pretty positive that your wallet (and co-workers) will thank you.

Want to find out more about The Spindle or get some tips for city riding? Drop us a line.