Eighty-four years ago, a tiny shop on Cabbagetown's main drag opened its doors, serving the surrounding mill village with sundries and giving the neighborhood a much-needed gathering place. Three years ago, the iconic shop shut its doors after decades of doing business in the neighborhood. And just one year later, one hardworking Cabbagetown couple swooped in, dusted the place off, and brought it back to life. Brad and Nina Cunard resurrected Cabbagetown's beloved store back in 2011, breathing new life into the shop with fresh produce and craft beer lining the shelves, but they also managed to preserve the charming, old-fashioned vibe of the place: a quirky little slice of the good ol' days.

Since then, we've waxed poetic about everything from the biscuits (one of the most underrated breakfasts in Atlanta, in our humble opinion) to the juicy, house-ground burgers (among the best in the city). And now, this little slice of Atlanta history needs a neighborly helping hand.

The long and short of it: the historic building that Little's has called home since '49 is in need of structural repairs that the family who owns it simply can't afford on their own. Because of this, Little's may have to close their doors by the end of the year—but with the community's help, this historic landmark just might be able to stick around. Learn more and donate here, and be sure to stop in soon for a taste of what makes this tiny storefront such an important part of the neighborhood and the city. (One taste of those burgers, and it'll be pretty clear why this place is worthy of our support.)

Photo courtesy of Dane Sponberg