We're down to the wire, folks: a mere three days between us and the night that a girthy, gift-wielding man will sidle down chimneys around the world. (In other words, three days of the mall parking lot taking on the atmosphere of an especially festive Hunger Games.) But you needn't resort to the Target Bargain Bin for your friends and loved ones. We're here to bail you out, procrastinators, with a handful of ideas for last-minute gifts that require minimal planning and time, but still deliver the love in a thoughtful way. Slap 'em together, stick 'em under the tree, and prepare to win Christmas:

For the local-loving home chef:
Locally Sourced Meal Kits from Garnish & Gather
Every little thing you need for a farm-fresh meal (including the recipe), tied up with a little bow and delivered to your doorstep: that's what Garnish & Gather is all about, and that's what makes this a perfect gift for any home chef. Snap up a gift package for the locavore in your life, and G&G will deliver a beautifully packaged gourmet meal kit stocked with raw ingredients, perfectly portioned and fresh off a local farm (not to mention the peace of mind that comes with saving yourself a trip to the grocery store). Bonus: through Christmas, G&G will also add 20% to each gift card amount for the recipient to spend in their sweet Local Provisions shop. More gift-givin' bang for your buck? Yes, please.

For the would-be farmer:
A Workshop With The Homestead
From wood-carving to food-foraging to campfire cookery, the classes and workshops available through The Homestead are keeping the dream of the 1890s alive—and providing their students with some pretty valuable life skills. The winter class schedule will be announced soon, but in the meantime, check out past examples of the heritage skills that the Homestead is teaching Atlantans, and grab a gift certificate while you're at it. We hear the next schedule might involve bacon-making. Which brings us to...

For the discerning carnivore:
A Bag of Meat Treats from Pine Street Market or Spotted Trotter
While the deadline for ordering a carnivore gift bag from Pine Street Market has passed, that doesn't mean you can't artfully put a little something together using the goods they have on hand. Satisfy your friend or loved one's carnivorous yearnings with a basket of the world's best bacon from Pine Street, or treat 'em to some of the finest charcuterie around with a trip to the Spotted Trotter. Add a jar of rillettes or terrine, a fetching burlap bow, and a bottle of Lipitor, and you're all set.

For the bourbon buff:
A Study in Bourbon at H. Harper Station
Got a bourbon-loving boozehound on your hands? Put them in the care of H. Harper's Jerry Slater, who's leading guided tastings through the month of February, complete with tasty snacks and the bar's famous Old-Fashioned. In a true Christmas miracle, H. Harper has added new dates to their previously sold-out roster… but we imagine they'll get snapped up in two shakes of a lamb's tail, so act swiftly, ya buncha lushes.

For the person in need of peace & pampering:
An Indulgent Spa Day at Jazmin Spa
The holiday hustle and bustle is enough to leave anyone feeling a little rough around the edges. Treat a lucky someone to some head-to-toe pampering with a spa day in Little Five Points' cozy little oasis of zen, complete with facial and massage. The gift of zen is a precious gift indeed, my friend.

For the beer-lover whose taste transcends Natty Lite:
A Local Beer Dinner at Woodfire Grill
We're no experts, but we're fairly confident that any aficionado of good craft beer would react a little like this to the promise of this five-course feast paired with local craft beer at one of the best restaurants in the Southeast. Working in tandem with local breweries like Wild Heaven and Monday Night, the Woodfire kitchen will be crafting a five-course feast that shows off the many nuances of their chosen brews.