We only want the best for our fair city. And since Gate City can't very well write resolutions for herself, we came up with a few for her. Here's some things we'd like to see Atlanta treat itself to in 2014. (Trust us, we're still keeping our fingers crossed for some of last year's hopes and dreams too too – namely more bars with ping pong tables and a trampoline bridge.)

1. A Bell St. Burritos back in our neck of the woods
We first fell in love with Matt Hinton's tortilla-wrapped talents when he first opened up shop in our beloved Sweet Auburn Market. So when they opened up on Howell Mill we became full-fledged burrito addicts – filling our gullets with Bell Street's juicy, renowned pork burritos as often as we could muster. When the location was sold out to an auto-parts retailer, we happily followed them along to Irwin Street – but then they closed their doors there too. Sure, they opened up another location in Buckhead, but we can't keep ourselves from day dreaming of them opening a brick and mortar this side of 400 again (and staying there a while, too).

2. A King of Pops stand on the East-side Trail
Yeah, yeah – we are well aware that the King and his crew opened up a walk-up window on Bernina & Elizabeth Street, meaning technically they already have a location right off of our favorite in-town stroll. But riddle us this, dear citizens – have you ever made it all the way from the walk-up window to the Ponce bridge and not felt deserving of seconds? (Or had difficulty fighting off the pop withdrawal shakes?) Yeah, that's what we thought.

3. Our very own Kudzilla
So maybe the 40-foot green beast didn't meet its funding needs on Kickstarter. Despite its lack of assets, we still believe that Atlanta is still deserving of a great, beastly green monstrosity of a roadside attraction to put all Corn Palaces, Paul Bunyan's and giant balls of twine to shame. We can't think of a better means to do so than Kudzilla.

4. A Jai-Alai team for the soon-to-be-abandoned Turner Field.
Listen, we're way ahead of the game here. Jai-Alai has already taken much of South America (and also the bulk of Florida) by storm. Not to mention most of Europe, where it goes by the pseudonym 'basque.' If Turner Field must lose our beloved Braves to Cobb county – why not fill it with the world's fastest sport? We can keep up, promise.

5. A private-room karaoke place inside the perimeter
Sometimes we just want to sing All By Myself all by ourselves (or at least only in the presence of our nearest and dearest) and would like to do so without having to drive outside of the perimeter. As advocates of all things karaoke in addition to all things BuHi we don't usually mind making the jog out to our favorite private-room karaoke joint, but wouldn't it be nice to have one in stumbling distance?

6. More haberdasheries, millineries and cobblers
The love of the 1890's is certainly sweeping Atlanta, so in this era of the artisan uprising, we're gonna need some place for upkeep and repairs. Where are we to go when our trilby is in need of repair? What are we to do when our oxfords are scuffed beyond shoe-shine? Help us out here, old-school artisans.

7. The ability to shake hands with the otters at the aquarium
We're filled with envy of our Japan-bound friends who can shake hands with all of the otters they please. We're not making any demands for new exhibits this year. Just tiny, adorable holes for all of otter-dom to stick their tiny, adorable paws through. It would certainly be good for morale.