The night is upon us. The hour grows near. This very evening, a robust and hirsute gentleman with rather festive sartorial preferences will sidle, slither and slide down chimneys around the world. If you've been minding your p's and q's, perhaps you'll luck out with a spread of gifts awaiting you on Christmas morning (perhaps a long-awaited gaming system?). But if your behavior in the last year has you in danger of landing squarely on Santa's naughty list? Not much you can do to save yourself at this point—except for bribery, of course.

In a last-ditch effort to save yourself from being on the receiving end of a whole lotta coal, we've carefully cultivated some suggestions to woo the fat man. With cookies, of course. For best results, serve with organic milk from a local farm. (In vintage mason jars, of course. What, were you raised in a barn or something?)

Rooster 14 Cookies. Are these heavenly creations the best cookie in Atlanta? We're inclined to think so. Nancy Portaleo's sweet creations aren't just the size of a toddler's face: they're also imbued with the kind of rich, buttery flavor that only grannies seem to be able to pull off. Nancy hints at a trade secret in the recipe that comes from a longstanding family formula, not to mention copious amounts of sugar, salt and, yes, buttah. Whatever goes into these babies (is it even legal?), we're fairly certain it's enough to sway Santa into hooking you up.

The Cafe at Cakes & Ale We may know Cake & Ale as a mighty fine and fancy dining establishment, but its delightful cafe has been serving up homemade delights right alongside it for quite some time. Whether you get your paws on their fluffy and light array of homemade macarons, or go for classic Santa-pleasers such as their homemade gingerbread men – that big ol' man in read is sure to leave pleased. Trust us, anything from this cafe is sure to prove a welcome morsel of sustenance after a transatlantic reindeer ride.

The Little Tart Bakeshop. Times have changed, and so have Santa's tastebuds. No longer is it acceptable to simply scatter a handful of Chips Ahoy on a festive platter and call it a night. But an artfully displayed tray of French lemon-lavender shortbreads and double chocolate sea salt cookies? Now we're talking. Little Tart's French-inspired pastries and baked goods have a cult following (one that includes Anthony Bourdain, we'll add), and for good reason: Sarah O'Brien's baking chops were sharpened at the Sorbonne, and her fancy-schmany European training translates quite well in the little bakery space they share with Octane. Fancy up St. Nick's night with a galette made of local fruits and one of Sarah's beloved chocolate chip cookies, and have yourself a joyeux Noël.