Tis the season to swing into the holiday spirit (and by that we mean holiday spirits). Though the weather outside is frightful, some of our favorite Atlantan stops are keeping it delightful with the addition of some heated specialty cocktails to their repertoires. Cup o' cheer, anyone? Mom did say to bundle up, after all.

Pilgrims & Indians
Where: Leon's Full Service
What's it got?: This steaming, flowery concoction has us wishing Thanksgiving came twice a year. The combination of amber cognac with all of our favorite spices (lemon, ginger and pumpkin) truly has our hearts a-flutter.

Spiked Apple Cider
Where: Pallookaville
What's it got?: We're far from understated about our adoration of Avondale's mobile-food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar, and though it's hard to separate ourselves from their boozy milkshakes long enough to notice another beverage – their [adult] apple cider certainly has our attention. Mulled with seasonal spices and spiked with whatever our spirit of preference is at the moment (we're partial to the bourbon), this drink is the perfect warm retreat on a cold winter's night.

Rum Ginger Punch
Where: No. 246
What's it got?: Though this delightful libation can be served cold or warm, we prefer the slightly sweeter, hot version. This gleeful combination of dark Gosling, ginger beer and blood orange bitters will have sugar-plum fairies dancing in our heads all winter long.

Blue Blazer
Where: The Pinewood
What's it got?: This classic cocktail takes heat to new levels. By that we mean: in order to make the cocktail, one must roll flaming alcohol from glass to glass. Akin to the king of winter warmers, the hot toddy, the Blue Blazer is a scotch-based beverage mixed with boiling water, sugar and lemon. Don't be fooled by the simple list of ingredients – tossing flaming alcohol around is no small task. Pro-tip: Don't try this at home. (Or at least, let us go fetch the fire extinguisher first.)

Spiked Apple
Where: Miller Union
What's it got?: Though some would tip their hat to Christmas being the reason for the season, we're nodding at this libation. Apple brandy, house spiced rum and cider – need we say more? If you need us, we'll be cozied up by the fire with one of these between our mitts.