That $15 for bottomless champagne celebration last night? Well, it seemed like a good idea... 'til you experienced the effects of seven glass of Andre. (Whoops.) While the battle scars of a night on the town isn't the ideal way to start your 2014 (and your resolution to start hitting the gym on 1/1), there are ways to quell the pain that don't involve being cemented to your couch re-watching The Wire in its entirety. In honor of the holiday (National Hangover Day, y'know), we polled three restaurant-types for their go-to remedies in town. (And they turned out to be, um, very different approaches.) That big bowl of phô or juicy burrito can't wash away your shame, but they just might help to cure what ails you.


1. Fried Chicken at Busy Bee Cafe. Suggested drink: the Uptown (sweet tea and lemonade).
2. Green Chile Burrito at Bell Street Burritos. Suggested drink: Mexican Coke.
3. Phô at Phô Dai Loi. Suggested drink: Fresh Lemonade.


My favorite hangover dish is the Bandeja Paisa from La Casona! It has chicharones, chorizo, steak, fried egg, rice and beans, avocado, arepa and plantains. Originating from the Antioquian region of Colombia (Central Northwest), this hearty breakfast was created for the workers in this mountainous region and also functions well as gentle guide from the world of crushing headaches and general nausea to afternoon siestas and killer grindage, bro.


Hopefully, you have some readily available chips and dip, followed by the one and only one Bloody Mary (I add Mezcal to mine). Follow that with eggs and toast to get the belly absorbing and ready for the round two of drinking like you are still in college.* Continue with one or two boilermakers (I prefer a good pale ale and Evan Williams). As the black eyed peas, collard greens and swine loin start to fill the air with lovely aromatics, I turn to single malt Scotch, like Lagavulin 16. Always enjoy responsibly.

Ronnie's go-to dish: the grass-fed organic burger at 5 Seasons Westside. For best results, add bacon, egg andpimento cheese.

*Editor's note: Ronnie's hair of the dog suggestions may or may not result in disaster. Proceed with caution.