Some things are simply meant to be together—and the coupling of beer-drinking with good-doing? Pure serendipity. So when we learned of the dreamy collaboration between Sweetwater and the Giving Kitchen, we simply had to spread the good word. What can we say? Give us a tasty, locally brewed I.P.A., and we'll probably drink it—but give us a made-in-ATL I.P.A. that comes with a seriously noble cause, and we'll shout it from the rooftops (…whilst drinking it, of course).

One week ago, a brave and talented young chef passed away after a year of battling cancer. (Read the AJC's moving tribute here.) Over the course of Ryan and Jen Hidinger's tumultuous year, the pair worked hard not just to see Staplehouse, their dream restaurant, become a reality, but also to help care for their own with an incredible philanthropic endeavor. Thus, The Giving Kitchen was born: an organization that provides grants for others in the industry stricken with unexpected hardship, funded by the army of TeamHidi supporters, by Staplehouse itself, and — as of today — beer.

Enter Sweetwater. The award-winning craft brewers have been doing their thing in ATL for seventeen years (!), and after years of partnering with local organizations like the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and Camp Twin Lakes, they're no stranger to the art of doing their part in the community. Now, by teaming up with The Giving Kitchen, Sweetwater is giving every Atlantan the chance to chip in to TGK's noble efforts. (Well, every Atlantan over the age of 21.) Though just hitting shelves today, the beer — aptly named Second Helping — has been in the works for a while as brewers and chefs worked together to strike the perfect recipe for the double I.P.A., a personal favorite style of Ryan's. A whopping 100% of the beer's proceeds will be donated back directly to The Giving Kitchen — as good an excuse as any to enjoy a second helping of the stuff, we say.

Snag yourself a 22-ounce bottle of Second Helping at your friendly local craft beer shop, or catch it on draft at any of the bars or restaurants listed here.

Second Helping IPA from SweetWater Brewery on Vimeo.