We know, we know: Atlanta winters are about as fickle as a MARTA bus schedule. But on the rare occasions that we do get ourselves a real-deal taste of Old Man Winter (you know, like this very moment), it's good to have a back-up plan in place. And when the weather outside is this frightful, there's nothing quite so delightful as a cozy, tucked-away, partially hidden little booth, couch or cubby-hole. We queried a few of our loyal readers for their intel on where to hunker down in between bouts of snowball battles, and added a few of our own to the (wintry) mix:

Our Picks:

One might be inclined to think that just about any seat in the house of Leon's is the best seat – masterfully mixed cocktails and more frîtes than you can shake a stick at? Now that's a recipe for heaven if you ask us. But patrons of Leon's know well – sometimes the Decatur hot-spot is a bit wanting for elbow room. Here's our advice: walk into the dining room and take a sharp right just beyond the hostess stand, then bask in the glorious silence and privacy of Leon's completely circular hiding-hole. The table seats three to four people comfortably, so bring a friend or two (or you know, a really good book and a large appetite).

The Well-Worn Couch at Carroll St. Cafe
Look up "cozy neighborhood cafe" in the dictionary, and we're pretty sure this bohemian Cabbagetown bistro would take top billing. And that plush, perfectly worn sofa near the front door is the optimal way to experience it. Sink in, sip on a snifter of cognac, nibble on a little something sweet from the dessert case, and savor the people-watching. (Fair warning, though: after a couple snifters of that Remy Martin 1738, you may encounter a bit of trouble un-sinking from said couch.)

The Circular Booth at Villains Wicked Heroes
Every evil lair needs a secluded place where one can mastermind with fellow baddies, mapping out your collective plans for world domination. (Or at least domination of a cheese whiz-laden sandwich.) Villains has us covered in all regards with a tucked-away, circular, rather sinister-looking booth that just begs for some good old-fashioned scheming, preferably with a Wicked Hero at their side. Hey, even evil geniuses can't resist that steak and brie cheese hero – trust us, we've tried.

The Leather Sofa at Dr. Bombay's
Step inside this quirky Candler Park tea shop, and you'll most likely immediately understand why we sing its praises. But take another few steps into the adjacent room, hang a right, and make a beeline for the leather couch by the window, and you'll most definitely understand why this is one of our top curling-up-with-a-mug-of-tea destinations. All that curling is made possible by the impossibly cushy, comfiness of said couch, whose windowside placement also makes for excellent people-watching/pensive gazing.

The Tatami room at Shoya Izakaya
Booths and couches are all well and good. But when it comes down to some next-level, advanced hunkering down, this little hidey-hole at Shoya Izakaya hits the spot. The secluded room fits a small group and doesn't require a special reservation—just that you kick off your shoes and lounge amongst a pile of pillows while huddling 'round a steaming bowl of ramen. Tough gig, but someone's gotta do it.

Your Picks:
When it's time to cozy up to a glass of something strong in a tucked-away spot, @NoshGirls heads straight for "the high tops by the window at Bourbon Bar" in Buckhead.

What better place for beer-drinking, window-gazing, and cozy camaraderie? Says @AbbyLoving: "Window booth at Manuel's," which also happens to be within strategic view of the King of Pops cart across the street.

@MurielVega tipped us off to Joe's East Atlanta Coffee Shop as an ideal hunker-down locale "because the couch in the back of the coffee shop gives you people-watching advantage + it's the softest."